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Fans of Supernatural's Ruby
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For fans of Ruby on the CW's Supernatural.

Welcome, Ruby fans!
This is the first community for fans of the character Ruby, as portrayed by Katie Cassidy during the third season, and Genevieve Cortese during the fourth, on the CW's Supernatural. Anything that involves Ruby is welcome here, as well as news about Katie Cassidy and Genevieve Cortese.


1 When posting icons, place no more than four teasers outside of the cut. Do not link to a locked entry. When posting teasers for icons, do not use episode stills from unaired episodes. Your teasers must be relevant to Ruby, Katie, or Genevieve.

2 All pairings are allowed. Het, slash, threesomes, voyeour!Ruby - we don't discriminate here. RPF involving Katie Cassidy and Genevieve Cortese is welcome as well. All fic must have proper warnings listed outside of the lj-cut (ratings, pairings, etc.).

3 All spoilers should go under a cut and should be labeled as a spoiler, episode titles included. If you fail to do so your post will be deleted immediately, sorry. However, you can repost if you follow the rules.

4 There will be absolutely no bashing of the creative forces behind Supernatural. No matter what Kripke and co. decide to do with Ruby, do not make posts or comments calling him or any others "spineless morons who pander to the fangirls." Discussion and disagreement are fine, but we don't want this place to become a frothing pit of hate just because they didn't do what YOU wanted.

5 TAG YOUR POSTS! The full list of tags can be found here. If a tag doesn't exist for what you're posting, I'll tag it later.

6 Community promotions are allowed as long as it has something to do with either Ruby, Katie Cassidy, or Genevieve Cortese.

7 DO NOT change the font size or color when you post. Do not type in all caps. Do not bold your entire entry. Do not disable comments.

8 There are NO PETITIONS allowed. Again, we're not here to tell Kripke how to write his own show. Your petitions for him to bring back Katie Cassidy, or to do anything else, do not belong here.


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